Suggestion: When updating a job summary. Make the "Tab" keyboard shortcut move to the check mark

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This is admittedly a minor issue, but I want to post this in hopes that someone at ST will see this and make the change. When I'm updating a job summary and want to save it by selecting the green check mark, I would like to be able to press tab and have that be the selection. Currently, when you press the tab key on the keyboard it takes you to the text editing features below, which already have keyboard shortcuts for them. Can we please make it so we can just press Tab > Enter to save a job summary similar to everywhere else? Thanks!


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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hi @gpoole14

Great idea! The best place to post this is going to be on our ideas page:

Be sure to come back here and share the Idea ID (COMMUNITY-I-xxx) so others can upvote your idea!