Assigning helpers to Managed tech

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I would still love to see a feature for dispatch, where you can assign a helper to a lead/managed tech at the beginning of the day, and they will then be auto assigned to each following job with that technician to the following jobs. It is common that we are having to go back and fix jobs as helpers were not assigned, usually because we have a shift change middle of the day where someone else takes over for dispatch and did not realize that lead had a helper with them 


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This would be a great feature to also help with accurate job costing and to know where helpers are. ST limitations that it has to be on the technician side is frustrating. I understand it could be an unmanaged tech, but we use our warehouse employees as runners and helpers. It would be nice to have the ability to assign office employees to jobs.

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This is a great idea. As a workaround, we use the Google Calendar to assign laborers with our technicians for the day. This way at a glance anyone working dispatch can see that the technician has the laborer assigned with them.