Mass Follow Ups?

Every quarter we send out over 600+ emails to remind customers about their annual maintenance. We then log our follow up so our CSRs know who has been had a reminder sent and who hasn't. Sending the mass email is extremely easy and we have no issues ...

Can we have an "Owner/Technician" dual login

Currently, according to my corporate office support - we can only have either an office side login OR a technician login. I desperately need a "dual" login! Our owner is out in the field (one login would be ideal) working along side of our guys and t...

Schedule Board is a mess

Does anyone use the Schedule board? Our company runs about 40+ Calls a day, 10 months of the year. It would be nice if the schedule board could be more organized. Everything overlaps each other and really becomes unorganized. Service Titan is a great...

Schedule board
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