Does anyone else have issues with calls dropping after switching to calls through Service Titan?

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We have had a notable decrease in phone traffic after switching our call porting to go through Service Titan. We have contacted customer service multiple times on the issue of our customer's calls getting dropped, (they say it just rings with no answer) Just wondering if anyone else has had this kind of problem and what they might have done to solve it. Thanks!


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We are having the same issue.  Calls are being dropped when switching forwarding numbers, using a T-Mobile device. 

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@AliciaAir1980 I work in technical support with ST. Do you have an open case I can look into for you? Feel free to DM me on here with company information and I'll read over notes to try to see what has/has not been tested. 

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Did you transition to Dialpad or just port numbers?  There were some settings that were causing it to ring multiple devices, once removed the audio returned.  Also, check mic settings.  If the customer can't hear you they will hang up.  Doubtful that it's both at the same time but once we troubleshooted those items it would work.  This was a few years ago and we rarely have these issues anymore after going through our troubleshooting sheet.  Check any other call forwarding numbers as well.  We had one line that was going to our older phone system bypassing our call center and we fixed that too.  

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Outside of an actual outage, that is.

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

I have heard things before, but have never experienced it nor been able to replicate. Every time I test call any of the office lines, from any number, they always ring through.

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Ok couple things on this:

The version of Dialpad we have is not the "normal version" it is Dialpad light.  Make sure if you are leaving a whiz-bang softphone system you know that.

As for the intermittent dropping of phone calls:
Reach out to support they will have you perform some network tests (at a minimum):

ServiceTitan network Test
Dialpad Network Assessment test

The items that will determine how well your phones work is MUCH to long to get into here but at a VERY high level:

Latency, Bandwidth, VoIP MOS, SIP ALG, Firewall Port Settings.

Most issues are caused by SIP ALG:  Here is an article about it: