Estimated time remaining on a job

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One of the biggest problems we have keeping things running smooth, is when a job goes long, or is cut short because everything went very well, or an estimate doesn't pan out.  We have to then look for calls, or let clients know we will be late.  I would love a feature that showed on the dispatch board that showed estimated time remaining so we could keep better tabs on it.  It could default to the job types time-frame, but techs would have the ability to move it in 15 minute increments up or down while they are clocked into the job.  Maybe someone has a better idea for this, but having the techs call in doesn't always work for us.


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There is a feature on the mobile side which allows the technician to update the office when they plan to wrap up the job. Like a wrap up feature and they can set it in 15 min increments. 

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Hello @jeff_kri,

That is a great idea! You can post it at