🎉Idea🎉 “Sticky Notes” Let’s be real, we are all busy!Technicians working hard in the field and office staff keeps customers informed and taken care of. Wouldn’t be nice to be able to post a “Sticky note” to t...

BayleeR by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Resolved! Action Cancelled Messages

Is anyone else getting an action cancelled message when trying to move calls around on the dispatch board? One of our dispatchers was getting those messages despite having all her settings set up like normal. As in the same as yesterday where she had...

jaquelin by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Job Color Codes

I have posted an idea of the possibility for jobs on the dispatch board being color coded for easier view of not having to hover over the job to see the tags. There could be a color for most important tag (example: additional tech, ladder needed, etc...

H_Imbach by New Contributor III
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Tech Chat

I have posted an idea regarding the technician chat on the dispatch board. May help others as well that don't have the dispatch board on screen all the time to see the messages from techs.

H_Imbach by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Next day jobs

Good Afternoon, We would like to suggest an idea on technicians not seeing jobs for the next day till they come in to work. Like setting a time when they can see them. Example our technicians here start at 7AM. we would like them to see there next da...

vanessar by New Contributor
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Appointment Special Instructions hack

Gooood morning! I figured out a workaround for making specific appointment types stand out on the dispatch screen! For now, it is not possible to add a specific tag to an appointment to make a distinction between it, and another type of appointment. ...

ChelseaAce by New Contributor III
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Scheduling times

How is everybody setting booking times? Ex. 4 hour windows? Morning or afternoon? 2 hour windows etc. We currently are setting at 2 hour blocks but considering morning or afternoon to allow dispatch to work these calls more efficiently throughout the...

PolarAir1 by New Contributor
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Pre Booked Jobs or Projects

Hi EveryonePretty new to the Servicetitan User team. Im Just wondering if there is a way to send reminders, for prebooked jobs/projects that could be planned and booked for a specific day A month our 2 in advance. One work around i found was creating...

Patches by New Contributor II
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Dispatch Mentor

Hello! I am the Dispatcher for a growing Plumbing, HVAC company in Myrtle Beach SC. I am looking to connect with a fellow Dispatcher from a company out of our area (same size or bigger) than we are to mentor and give/receive new ideas and best practi...

melaniehammond by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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