Resolved! Dispatch Pro: Multi-Person Jobs

Fellow Dispatch Pro users, I'm looking for input on how you're handling Dispatch Pro when you have a tech and helper riding together. If you assign the call to both then DP turns off. Are you just assigning the lead and leaving the 2nd person as idle...

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Schedule Assistant needs work

We are trying to become more efficient with our routing and job scheduling. We're a pretty large company that does 50+ stops within a 40-mile radius of our shop every single day. We're tired of driving to the same towns that are 45+ minutes away, onl...

msjewell23 by New Contributor II
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Estimated time remaining on a job

One of the biggest problems we have keeping things running smooth, is when a job goes long, or is cut short because everything went very well, or an estimate doesn't pan out. We have to then look for calls, or let clients know we will be late. I woul...

jeff_kri by New Contributor
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Interested in ACP (Adjustable Capacity Planning)

If you haven't joined our CSR / Dispatcher Group here in community, we'd invite you to join. A couple of weeks ago in the group, we shared an article on nine best practices on how to effectively schedule technicians. We are going to take a deep dive ...

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Resolved! New Job Preview on Dispatch Board

Now when you click on a job on the dispatch board a preview pops up on the right. This is a preview of the job with some information. However, in order to see the contacts for the property, timesheets, etc you have to click on "Go to Job Page" which ...

Resolved! Recurring Service Bookings Question - Help

Keep in mind before reading this that this could be user error...When booking recurring services for locations with multiple memberships (example. multiple units that need to be serviced at the same property) We end up having to book separate appoint...

Alexhashey by New Contributor II
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Select multiple unassigned jobs and assign to one technician

Hi all, At the time of booking, we do not assign a technician. We assign jobs the night before. Is there a way to 'bulk assign' jobs, besides clustering on Map 2.0? We currently are working off the dispatch page and manually dragging and dropping eac...

msjewell23 by New Contributor II
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