Moving Jobs on the Dispatch Board

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Has anyone had issues with the job time changing when moving jobs on the dispatch board? We will have set the time frame for 8-3pm because we are serving multiple units and when dragging them to a different technician or time it will adjust the time frame to a two hour window. Does anyone know if this a issue that we can correct on the back end or if it is a ST item?


ServiceTitan Certified Provider
ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hi @Tionna -- not recently, but I've experienced this in the past. I can suggest a couple of things. 1. confirm the date and time on your computer by clicking on the date/time at the bottom right. If this is reset it can sometimes conflict with your settings. 2. if you haven't already, have your csm enable the timezone in your account. Other than that, this is likely a backend issue that will have to be sorted out by support team.

Sheena @ NiFT