Text Reminder Verbiage based on Business Unit

I think it would be great if the text reminder verbiage could be based on business unit. For example, we give time frames on maintenance appts, but don't always provide a time frame for Demand (problem) calls, especially when we get very busy. We cur...

sbartlet by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Pending Jobs

We are struggling with how to handle any pending jobs. i.e. A technician has requested another appointment, the parts are on order, maybe we need to wait for some weather to clear. Since the invoices have items on them, we can't mark them as unassign...

caramhall by New Contributor
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Dispatch Board

Why can’t the dispatcher see the entire summary if we block off a time on the dispatch board? This cuts off for the dispatcher after a certain number of words and can’t see everything we type.

Editing non job events after a technician is deactivated

Is there anyway to edit a past non job event for a tech after they are deactivated?Or even show the tech on the dispatch board when looking back historically for when they were here?i.e. something listed as unpaid that should be paid prior to payroll...

jpovey by New Contributor III
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Verifying Address and Job Details Suggestion

It would be great to be able to do more from the new pop up window on the dispatch board. We would like to see being able to verify the Address and sales tax from one window instead of having to go to service location and bill to and also it would be...

dbolte31 by New Contributor
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Dispatch Screen - zip code

It would be very helpful for scheduling dispatch if the job showing on the dispatch screen showed the zip code, as well. This would enable us to move jobs around based on location, without having to open up everything to see where the jobs are locate...

Shinton by New Contributor
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Resolved! New Job Preview on Dispatch Board

Now when you click on a job on the dispatch board a preview pops up on the right. This is a preview of the job with some information. However, in order to see the contacts for the property, timesheets, etc you have to click on "Go to Job Page" which ...

Setting up ACP

Good Morning All!We are playing with the idea of implementing capacity planning. I'm in the next environment and set our base capacity to 0 with our tech shifts for a 9 hour window. When I go to the Capacity planning page the hours fluxuate between 3...

user_f54 by New Contributor II
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Start Time - NOW Button

Prior to dispatching an appointment. We like to ensure the start time is at the actual current time. Prior to the update we were able to click the time window box (when editing or "rescheduling" the appointment) and click "Now" it would then populate...

michelle54 by New Contributor III
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Dispatch note effecting timesheet

Prior to November we were able to put a dispatch note on the dispatch board IE: Tech off / # of offloads / meeting etc. These notes would fall off dispatch board but stay on the schedule board. These non job notes are set up as paid so they don't tak...