Question about Dispatch Pro locks

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Hello and good day to all of you!

We are new to Dispatch Pro and when it was demo'd for us at Patheon this past Sept, they showed us an easy way to lock down jobs if the job must be at a particular time frame (example: 12-4).

I remember them just clicking on the lock icon to lock or unlock the job, but i cant seem to find the lock icon to do so.


On the dispatch board, i do see a lot of jobs with the lock icon, but i cant figure out how to lock/unlock.

Anyone on here familiar with this that can help me out?


Thank you in advance!


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We utilize the "Confirm Appointment" option when we want to lock a job in place on the schedule that has already been assigned. I know that if we set a custom window and turn Dispatch Pro on, it will keep the job within the window that we schedule when it assigns. That Lock symbol means that the appointment was manually assigned by a dispatcher. The lock symbol also automatically shows up when Dispatch Pro locks the job in and will show up in the job history audit trail.

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On the Job Page or in Job Flyout on the Dispatch Board, there is a toggle for Dispatch Pro to turn it on and off.  If you need a specific arrival window, you can do a Custom Window and Dispatch Pro will keep that job within that arrival window.