SQUEAK!!!-Make inactive techs visible on past days on dispatch board.

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I am wondering why I can't view a past dispatch board in full-currently inactive (terminated) technicians who were on jobs on days in the past are not visible when I go to that day. When I am trying to do a sanity tech on how many techs and how many jobs we did on a day last year compared to the same day this year, I can't because any tech who has left my employ is no longer visible. In addition, when I go to the payroll approval tab and choose a tech and select view Activity Detail Report, it doesn't populate the tech's activity history for that payroll cycle. There are other reports, but the utility of this one should be fully functional since it is the report associated with the tech's performance and activity during that work week. GRRRRRR....


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I would also like to say this would be very helpful to keep the history on the dispatch board. It doesn't make sense to take away these jobs on the schedule just because the technician doesn't work for the company anymore. This would very helpful for back office purposes. 

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This has definitely been an issue for us.  We end up not deactivating technicians until weeks after they have gone.

A fix for this would be helpful

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I too was wondering why you can't see a terminated tech on days they were with the company.