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Hi all,                                                                                                                                                                                     1)The dispatch screen is not user friendly.  We should be able to see a 3-5 day  or weekly schedule so that you are not going back and forth looking at openings in dispatch. (see above)                                                                        2)The schedule screen is not useable. Very cluttered. It would be more helpful to have techs listed vertically on the left and the days/times across the top like in Dispatch tab. Anyone else feel the same. When we went LIVE in Jan I mentioned to our several onboarder/CSM team members. They said that redesigning the schedule tab was "on the table".  Maybe just having the schedule and dispatch as one page?                                                                           3)Also a way of looking at the dispatch screen and showing jobs that are paid in full. Perhaps a dark green color for $$ ?? We don't always get payment at the end of job. It would be helpful to see at glance instead of running reports for "job without payment" 


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I agree, I am still using a paper schedule so I can see what is available at a glance for the week. 

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I just finished a survey with the Experience Design Research group a few weeks ago and they have some exciting proposals to overhaul the schedule screen for improved navigation and legibility. It looks like it's slated to include mini versions of the job cards with the ability to open up the card's info in a fly-out similar to the dispatch screen. 

Please keep in mind this is preliminary and not live yet, I think they're still sorting through the feedback we gave based on the three options provided. It will definitely take some time for them to finalize the UI and UX to work out all the kinks before launch, so look out for updates!

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I agree with some of those thoughts! Have you been in Ideas and voted for all the ideas related to this? If you have another idea that isn't posted in there, feel free to post it and then share the link here so that more people are aware of it and can vote for it!

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