Dispatch Pro - On Call

This last week during our after hours time frame, one of our technicians created a job in ST for after hour service. The time frame for an arrival he allotted in the job was a 4 hour window that he did not exceed when he started heading toward the jo...

reoccurring dispatch

We have two delivery drivers that we have on our dispatch board under "install". Every day they have a dispatch to make deliveries and one at the end of the day to load up for the morning. Is there a setting that will allow for us to set a "schedule"...

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Resolved! Favorite Feature

What is your favorite feature in dispatch or call booking that helps your business to be more efficient and cut travel time?Our most recent discovery has been Maps 2.0, we are currently using it to review our schedule and mapping for the next day to ...

disimpso by New Contributor III
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Job Flow on Dispatch Board

I have heard the ST is working on a weekly/monthly view of the Dispatch Board, since the Schedule tab is not very user friendly. Does anyone have any ideas on how to adjust or move jobs, either automatically or more easily, on the schedule efficientl...

Schedule on TV

We have a Smart TV on our warehouse and every time we want to open the dispatch board we need to connect a computer to the screen.Is it possible to put the dispatch board on the TV 24/7?I tried logging into ST on the TV browser but as soon as I try t...

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Resolved! Classifying Calls?

Howdy everyone!At one of the sessions at Pantheon, the speaker spoke about "classifying calls" at either the end of the day or end of the week. I dont remember her name unfortunately.What exactly does this mean? How does this help? How is it done?I a...

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Mobile Dispatch

Hello all,My company has recently switched over to ServiceTitan software and we are all still learning the in's & out's. My lead technician had approached me this morning and requested that I add the full dispatch for the day to his mobile app. After...

Schedule and dispatch screens

Hi all, 1)The dispatch screen is not user friendly. We should be able to see a 3-5 day or weekly schedule so that you are not going back and forth looking at openings in dispatch. (see above) 2)The schedule screen is not useable. Very cluttered. It w...