Technicians Can't See Estimates created by the Office

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I have been informed by some of my technicians that when the office creates estimates for them while they are working on a job they cannot see that estimate without closing the job and creating a new job for that customer. Is there any setting I need to change to make sure the technicians can see new estimates by just synching their tablets?


To try and explain better this is what I understand

- Technician is working on the job calls with office with a complicated estimate. 

- Office creates an estimate for the technician

- Technician has to close the job then rebook a job with the same customer and dispatch/arrive at the new job for the estimate to show up (they try synching and waiting a bit but nothing shows up). 


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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Is the office creating the estimate inside the job that the technician is currently on?

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Have your techs downloaded the Pricebook, instead of only syncing changes?. Most of the times a lot of the issues with the mobile get fixed by downloading the Pricebook, try that , then have them check the estimate tab again and verify if the estimate has downloaded to the mobile side --


ADDING THIS NOTE: Like Miranda said below-  make sure your office staff is creating the estimates through a job - whether is the ongoing job or on a previous job. Techs can only see estimates linked to jobs. They can access the same job/opportunity estimate through the Estimates tab and those estimates created on different jobs/opportunities can be accessed through the History tab "Previous Estimates"


Estimates created on the office side through the Location + Build Estimate or the 3 dots and Build estimate option, techs can't see those. I just tested it, created a "test" estimate outside a job and then went to my account as tech and the estimate never showed up



you can below see it doesn't show on the mobile side the "test" estimate

Screenshot 2023-05-30 150922.png