What kind of skills are you utilizing to improve your capacity planning?How many job types are tied to skills and are you able to leverage this for capacity planning? We leave calls unassigned until dispatched and struggle to make ACP work properly.

Resolved! Closing Jobs

Hey All!I am looking for feedback on closing jobs. Currently, my technicians closeout their own jobs. However, we are looking into having the techs reach out to their manager to essentially have that job reviewed and then closed by that manager. We a...

melaniehammond by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Technician Memo

We want to build technicians profiles out so that on the dispatch board call bookers and dispatchers can make sure we are prioritizing right tech to right call. I am working on building the skills portion so that we make sure the tech can do each job...

Technicians Can't See Estimates created by the Office

I have been informed by some of my technicians that when the office creates estimates for them while they are working on a job they cannot see that estimate without closing the job and creating a new job for that customer. Is there any setting I need...

Megan by New Contributor
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Resolved! Office training - coop student

We currently have a grade 12 high school student who is doing a full time coop placement with us. He is enjoying the technician side of it but we were thinking that we should also train him from the office side so he can see all different roles. He i...

KhianaKlatt by Valued Contributor II
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4 Tips for Dispatchers!

We are always sharing great tips and ideas for dispatchers in our Community CSR / Dispatcher group. Over the next month, we will adding additional resources and materials to help dispatchers be successful. This week I shared 4 tips within ServiceTita...

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Dispatcher Prioritization

Hey Community Dispatchers, Do your dispatchers use the optimize technician route? What is the success you are having? What are ways you use service titan to help you prioritize the emergencies from young tune ups? Does your dispatcher run the reports...

mquigley by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Invoice Summary

Hi everyone, I am wondering if there is a way for technicians to pin their Invoice Summary into the job notes page other than copy and paste into the notes section? I feel like I have heard of this before but not able to find a way to do this? Any he...

BriMarie by New Contributor
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Resolved! Adding New Location from Tablet

Hi! I was wondering how the technicians can add a new location from their tablet? In the office we have explored with the technicians on how to do this, to no avail . Please help! If this is not a feature, it would be helpful, because it causes issue...

DanaDane by New Contributor II
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