Creating individual estimate templates for office side - eliminate need for proposal group

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In our company we have lead turnover forms that usually contain all the info we need to build an estimate. A lot of times the required repairs are very similar from job to job (building trap removal, CIPP liner, trenchless pipe burst, etc.). I want to be able to build a new estimate without being stuck having the "Good, Better, Best" type proposal tags. I want to be able to have 1 stand alone estimate template, without being forced to add the template into a proposal that expects to be used to offer variations of the same job. It seems silly I have to select the proposal as a whole, then delete the estimates I don't need from the invoice, or hit duplicate to remove the required proposal tag.


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I agree, there's a lot of excess work involved with the estimate templates. I don't understand why no one can access the estimate templates when creating a new estimate. 

Currently you have to create a "Proposal" which acts as a parent category, and assign the template to the proposal in order for it to show up on service titan. Templates cannot be seen by themselves, only proposals can that contain the template can be seen and used to create estimates. Be aware if you have multiple templates assigned to one proposal, it will create every estimate within that proposal. You will have to either dismiss the unneeded ones, or go to the invoice and delete them individually. Whatever you name the proposal option will automatically appear as part of the name of your estimate.

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You can build proposals with only one estimate in them.  You can also decide what you want to call them (doesn't need to be good, better, best, etc...).  We have a few templates we use that are just one estimate.  You would still need to build the estimate, then put it into a proposal.


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If i want to pre assemble installation estimates for my sales staff do i need to put each one inside of a proposal template indevidually? When they present to the customer they will offer threee separte proposals? I dont know why but for some reason this is a hard question to understand or relay and to get answered.  

We also have a few, but I don't understand why it is required to be stored within a proposal and why they colored box needs to be added as a label. I feel like its over complicated for no reason, instead of just clicking add estimate, select the template, click okay, and have everything populated.