Is there a way to write an estimate and send to a customer without booking a job? Ex. We have a regular wholesale customer who just wants a quote for some items. In the past ive just texted him the pricing, but would like to get something formal so t...

Question regarding estimates

Hi fellow ST team! When we mark an estimate as dismissed, can the customer still view the estimate and choose to accept it? Will they have access to it at all? Thanks for any help!

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Template functionality.

When creating estimate templates, there is no way to move items within the estimate up or down your list of items. The big difficulty in this is when you duplicate the estimate and want to change an item, it adds the item to the bottom of the estimat...

IDEA ALERT! In need of votes... dismissed estimates

COMMUNITY-I-2294 It's kind of annoying trying to track down or revisit an old estimate once it is dismissed. If you go out on a job and offer estimates, and they all get dismissed, NONE of them show on the job in the office. It looks like no estimate...

Preventing fraud on invoices/estimates

In the same way that Service Titan has safeguards in place if a tech using a tablet wants to change an invoice or estimate after a signature has been obtained for the estimate/invoice, the office/dispatch interface should not be able to simply change...

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Resolved! Estimate Summary Requirement

Hello Developers, We have been on service titan for a few months. I have several technicians that frequently forget to add a summary description to estimates. This is important to help customers understand what is recommended and why they need it. Th...

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How to edit email settings

Hi everyone, we have a big bid we are trying to get done. The contact is with a city, not a customer. For us to get this done, I need to send them a contract they can sign, but they don't want it to say estimate but instead contact. I've clicked ever...

Changing Service Location on an Estimate

We have an Inside Sales Team that follows up on Preventative Maintenance Inspections and provides follow up estimates to customers based on the reports. Many of these customers have multiple locations we inspect. Some of these estimates are time cons...

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Hours Sold Visible on Estimates in Office -- Community-I-1658

Our sales guys calls into the office to ask for availability on a job before he sells the ticket, which can often be the factor that sells the job. He doesn't always give the most accurate estimates on how long a job will take, so it would be really ...

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I would like to remove the E-sign button?

Our techs accidentally hit this button and customers accidentally hit it as well. These days, no one is asking us to go contactless, so how can I remove the e-sign option permanently?