Ability to Delete an Individual Chat Message at Admin Level

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ST needs to create a feature for users to have permission to delete an individual chat message sent in by a customer. With state privacy laws to abide by, it can be very time consuming and difficult for users to have to contact support to get a chat message removed. 

Very recently I had a situation where a customer sent in a video that needed to be removed for security and privacy reasons and it took me approximately 45 minutes to get ST support to help me with removing them. Although they were very helpful and successful with my request, I think if they built this feature as a permission, we could eliminate all users having ability to delete chats and only grant who we want, all while it being more efficient for users and the ST support team. 

Please help get this feature added!!! 🙏


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A great idea.  @bb_asilv posted it as COMMUNITY-I-1115.  

Mike M CPA & Operations in KC, (go Chiefs)

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Same with phone call recordings! Post this as an idea so we can upvote it!

Jessica Woodruff Smith, LadyTitans Co-Founder & Process Manager at AirWorks Solutions

This has been posted in ideas, I also included phone recordings. Didn't even think about those but that's also a need!