Estiamates/Proposals and adding Manufacturer's discounts to them

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We want to be able to hide the costs of what will be listed on the proposal for the h/o's but when there is a manufacturer discount running, we want to be able to add that line and the discount amount show and the amount being subtracted from the total.



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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hi @Tharding, thanks for your post!

To my understanding, if you want to hide line item pricing and just show the rollup number, however, you also use Discounts & Fees so want to be able to show the discount value, some configurations can be helpful. 
The FeatureGate “hide item cost”  hides the discount value, and just shows the overall cost.
If you use the "Multiple Print Invoice Items" config then print on the "hide items view" and have the "member savings" config enabled then the discount will appear as "Member Savings". 
Hope this is helpful🙂