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Hey everyone!


I have noticed as I do our followups that I have had some customers who aren't receiving our estimates via email. When I go back and check the audit trail it shows that the estimate emails have bounced or been dropped. I created an idea to receive alerts when this happens so that we aren't missing out on these opportunities/sales. Please vote for this idea here:


I also reached out to support RE this to see if there is anything that they can do from their end and they said: "If there are just a couple of emails that need to be removed from the bounce list, you can reach out to us, but if the number of bounced emails is large, then yes, please reach out to your CSM. When it comes to an alert, you already have Email Delivery Failed set up. For statuses such as bounced or dropped, as far as I know, currently, there is no such sort of alert." They can remove emails from bouncing on their backend however, there currently is no email alert for estimates being dropped/bounced. 


Please help upvote this idea! 🙂

Khiana Klatt
CSR ServicePlus Heating and Cooling

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Hi Khianna! There is an alert that should help with this! Go to Settings->Alerts (under integrations)-> and choose "Email Delivery Failed". Hope this helps!