Looking to see where to find out the statuses on Estimates..... (EX: see attached below)


Clone Opportunity

Hi,Looking for some suggestions on the best way to setup this process.We see a lot of clients looking to book the same service as the previous year. We want to duplicate last year's opportunity (not estimates in last year's opportunity) to keep our d...

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Combine materials in an estimate

We have Services set up to provide materials. Sometimes our estimators will add more than one service with materials attached to the same estimate. When this happens if the services have the same materials there are more than one line item on an esti...

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Merge estimates

Hello there! I wanted to post an idea that my supervisor had that might be quite helpful if implemented for future builds of Service Titan. You see, when we create two estimates for the same job, sometimes we are able to sell both and often have to c...

Dynamic Customer-Facing Estimate Templates

Anyone else have any complaints about how 'Generic' the estimate proposals are through ServiceTitan? I am working on looking through and creating a dynamic estimate proposal template that our sales team can use when talking with the customer or that ...

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Multiple estimates sent- customer approves... which one?

It has become a huge headache when sending multiple estimates out to customer and they reply "I approve" but you don't know which one they're approving. It's great that there's a button that will email all estimates but we do not know which one custo...

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