Estimate enhancements

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I would like to suggest two improvements to the estimate process:

1. Make the estimate generation date able to be adjusted to print out the most recent date.  If you have a 30 day pricing limit, OFTEN people change their minds on what they want, and the process can take a while.  With the ability to adjust the date, you can ensure everyone is looking at the most current information.

2.  Be able to move an estimate / quote from one job to another new job for that quote, keeping the quote information intact as a quote, not just generate invoice line items.  A job may generate several new job options associated with one or more quote solutions for the customer to pick from and do at some time in the future removed from the current and completed work.  An estimate / quote is an anticipated item list, and not necessarily accurate exact piece count to invoice from, or to have to make corrections to all the invoice line items requiring in depth review.



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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Thanks for sharing your valuable feedback, @DAVIDDIETRICH!💡 

It sounds like something for the ideas page and the best place to post your ideas is here:

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I have posted these on the community page.  Thanks