'Marketing Campaign' not an available field on 'Estimates'

Hi ST users and community members. How do you track 'marketing campaigns' when you send a customer an 'estimate' that is not associated with a 'job'? We have customers who contact us through phone, text, email, contact forms, etc. and want an estimat...

Import from Template

Is there any way to re import a estimate and keep it in there item group. I've finally learned that you have to get rid of the id number to re import.

Kirk by New Contributor
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Resolved! Office facing estimate notes

I am hoping to find a way that someone has been able to put notes on an estimate that a customer cannot see. IE what supply house to get the part or notes from the person doing the estimate for the technician who does the job. If there isnt a way to ...

Options not included on estimates

Hi, I was wondering if there is a way to add "Options not included" to an estimate? When we created our inhouse estimate we have a list at the bottom of the estimate for "Options not included" ie- additional return air install, duct sealing and duct ...

jsugamele by New Contributor
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Resolved! Convert and take payment for an estimate at the office level

Hello, new Titan user here. We have a bit of an odd workflow it seems cause I can't find a good solution to the following problem. We are a Locksmith and lots of times our office staff will sell large quantities of padlocks to customers that take a n...

LockLevi by New Contributor III
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