Dynamic Customer-Facing Estimate Templates

Anyone else have any complaints about how 'Generic' the estimate proposals are through ServiceTitan? I am working on looking through and creating a dynamic estimate proposal template that our sales team can use when talking with the customer or that ...

Nelson_Gothard by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Invoice and estimate print views

Since the most recent update we are unable to change the "print" view for invoices and estimates. When trying to choose, itemized with price, itemized without price, aggregated or hide items, it only shows you the itemized with price option regardles...

Terry1 by New Contributor
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Estimate enhancements

I would like to suggest two improvements to the estimate process:1. Make the estimate generation date able to be adjusted to print out the most recent date. If you have a 30 day pricing limit, OFTEN people change their minds on what they want, and th...