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Is there a way to write an estimate and send to a customer without booking a job? Ex. We have a regular wholesale customer who just wants a quote for some items. In the past ive just texted him the pricing, but would like to get something formal so theres no confusion or going back to confirm pricing. 

Thanks in advance!


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Hey there @AnthonyJ930 👋!

Yes, you can create an estimate without a job, but depending on your account setup this is done either from the call booking screen or the customer location. More information here: Build an estimate from the Calls screen.

If you don't see the option to build an estimate from the call booking screen, or the customer location, please reach out to the CSM team at to get this setup for your account. 


Any estimate that you send, that isn't accepted, should fall under that.  I send tons of estimates that are never accepted but control the length of time the estimate is valid for in the "terms" part you see when you go to email it so I don't get surprised 6 months later with an "accept" and all the prices are now different. 


I've only been doing this for 9 months though so I'm positive someone on here can clarify this a bit better.