How to sell an estimate without booking a job with an assigned technician

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We have some customers who purchase filters from us and we cannot figure out how to sell an estimate without having to book a job and then dispatch/arrive an assigned tech to complete it. We also have the same problem with membership sales. 


Has anyone found a solution to this without having to suspend memberships, etc.? Is there a way to sell an estimate without booking a job in the first place? Any help would be appreciated. 


ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

For the filters, you can do it as a point of sale invoice (counter sale invoice) POS Sales , it does require some configuration.  Same with memberships, you should be able to sell them from the customer screen...on the right hand side when you click the kabob dots, you get the menu to create invoice, or the main button over to the left of the kabob shows sell membership.



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