New troubleshooting articles in the ServiceTitan KB

Sharing a list of new troubleshooting articles posted recently to the ServiceTitan KB located here: -- we hope they are helpful. At the bottom of each article, you can rate it for its usefulness, provide feedback if it ...

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Bill of Materials option in Estimates

I'd like to suggest adding a field to the Estimate module specifically that allows the ability to manually enter a Bill of Materials associated with the specific estimate that could include columns for: Vendor/Source, part number, description, Cost, ...

Escalating Opportunities in the Follow up Flag

Is there a way for CSR's to mark/annotate or escalate opportunities to management easily and effectively? The opportunities are basically in one big "pot" and we prefer to have a best practice where only management is allowed to DISMISS opportunities...

Estimating Larger Jobs

We are new customer of ST and we are still in process of going live with full integration. I am the sales manager for a premier door services company. As the sales manager I am putting the processes in place for my sales team to best use the estimate...

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Delete Option for Templates

Wanted to see if anyone else would find it beneficial to have a 'Delete' option for templates they no longer use. For my team, we have duplicates and ones that have been deactivated for so long that it becomes a bit annoying to look at them, without ...

Build Estimate Button

How are people managing large price books with this feature? When adding a task, the search feature seems difficult to navigate. Would almost be beneficial to experience it the same way Mobile does. Open to suggestions!! TIA!

charringtonPSB by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Print all button for estimates

I had a customer come in person to our office today and ask me to please print off all of his estimates so he could look at them closer. He had 11 estimates that I had to print individually off for him. I'd love to see a "print all" option. We have a...

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Easily Applying Digital Coupons

I am making an upgrade suggestion. It would be great if S.T. could integrate with an app that either uses QR codes, or that can scan a barcode (along those lines) and then have it automatically applied to customer invoices in the field. As with every...

Danyan by New Contributor
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