My tech sent an esign to his customer, the customer states he did sign it but we can't find the proof that he did, where would that be found?

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Multiple estimates sent- customer approves... which one?

It has become a huge headache when sending multiple estimates out to customer and they reply "I approve" but you don't know which one they're approving. It's great that there's a button that will email all estimates but we do not know which one custo...

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Resolved! Add Clickable Link to Estimate Email

Hi All,When we email estimates to customers, we also need to include a link in the email body that, when clicked, will open renderings of the closet we designed for them. I currently paste the link into the email body. However, most email clients are...

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Lock Estimates

It would be most helpful if once an estimate was sold whether it was electronically signed using the email link or manually marked sold by a representative if the estimate would be locked and not able to change lines items or quantities. An estimate ...

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