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How do you set up Sales Reps in Service Titan other than like a technician? I am trying to figure out a way for our sales reps to use ST for estimates and I like the proposal and have built several for them to use. The problem we run into is they go out and  create the estimate and present to customer and email them the link to look at presentation but once they are done and close out that "job" they can't get back into it can only view it. Someone in the office has to open the job back up. We tried setting them up an office account and they can build estimates in it but can't use the present feature that way. Any suggestions? Hints? Tips? Recipes? Anything that will help!


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Hey in this case you can set up sales rep as a Technician, also you can create sales rep as a managed tech in order to provide Tech with the ability to work with estimates, sell, add, collect estimates from mobile side. Also if you want that your sales rep "as a Tech" work on the same appointment because he needs to finish some more details, so you can re-open current appointment where sales rep attached and then Tech can work on it once again and in the end can close out the job.

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

We use same process as @ashsmith  mentioned above but all of our sales team have access to the office side (limited permissions-created a role).  They rarely use the office side but there are some tasks that are done easily in both options that they benefit from.  

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Our sales team is set up as technicians. If they preset an estimate that isn't marked as "sold" while at the table, a follow up is created on that estimate. From mobile, they can edit these follow ups, edit the estimate, create new options, resend to the customer, etc. We have found best practice is to create an estimate on every job so that a follow up is created for them. 

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We have our Sales reps set up as both a Technician and as an office employee too. It gives more flexibility for them to do their jobs.


As I understand it, the mobile app has limitations for this and anything additional must be done in the office.  Don't bet Santa's cookies on that, but we have run into similar situations and everything after the original appointment had to be done in office.