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When creating estimate templates, there is no way to move items within the estimate up or down your list of items.  The big difficulty in this is when you duplicate the estimate and want to change an item, it adds the item to the bottom of the estimate.  I am creating hot water tank estimates, adding items like disposal, our warranty, bulk discount.. when I duplicate this estimate for the next item, delete the tank and add the next tank, the tank is added to the bottom of the estimate. So the customer will see an estimate for disposal, discount, warranty then at the bottom a tank.   

I thought maybe I could leave this and then before sending the estimate I could change this in the customers estimate.  Can't do it there either when from the template.


Help please


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We have found this to be an issue as well. Just got off a Zoom with customer service, who verified that the original template tasks will stay in order and not allow additions to be placed anywhere but the bottom or top of the quote. He suggested we come here, but seeing as you posted this in November of last year and have gotten no response, I will move on to contacting our CSM to have the coding changed to allow for free movement of tasks in templates.

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Have you received a solution for this as of yet?