New troubleshooting articles in the ServiceTitan KB

Sharing a list of new troubleshooting articles posted recently to the ServiceTitan KB located here: -- we hope they are helpful. At the bottom of each article, you can rate it for its usefulness, provide feedback if it ...

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Build Estimate Button

How are people managing large price books with this feature? When adding a task, the search feature seems difficult to navigate. Would almost be beneficial to experience it the same way Mobile does. Open to suggestions!! TIA!

charringtonPSB by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Easily Applying Digital Coupons

I am making an upgrade suggestion. It would be great if S.T. could integrate with an app that either uses QR codes, or that can scan a barcode (along those lines) and then have it automatically applied to customer invoices in the field. As with every...

Danyan by New Contributor
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Adding "Material" Pictures on Estimates

We are in the Garage Door industry, and provide quotes for new Garage Doors. We have added the pictures of the new Garage Doors to the "Materials" in "PriceBook", however when we print, or email an estimate to a customer, the picture of the New Door ...

JCamp by New Contributor
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Showing Net Cost on Estimates

Hello,Does anyone have a suggestion on how to show the net cost on a estimate after rebates?Example: Job is $15,000 and the customer qualifies for a $1000 rebate to be paid directly to the customer from the utility provider (it does not affect our up...

cooperlu by New Contributor II
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New Customer & Location Look

Everyone in our office has made it a point that the new look is not to their liking. Some parts are useful like the side menu but some I will say will take some getting used to. It does give us the option to go back to the old design but what is not ...

jaquelin by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Template functionality.

When creating estimate templates, there is no way to move items within the estimate up or down your list of items. The big difficulty in this is when you duplicate the estimate and want to change an item, it adds the item to the bottom of the estimat...

Dynamic Pricing is Amazing!!!

Dynamic Pricing is Amazing!!! I have one roadblock keeping me from fully implementing. Dynamic Pricing is amazing on estimates, but it is horrifying on the invoices. I can not think of a use case where I would want to Re-calculate a price that a cust...

blutz by Contributor III
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