Why is it not possible to sell equipment in Service Titan POS.

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We have A store location and frequently sell fireplaces (equipment) to contractors and home owners who install it themselves. Currently there is no way to sell equipment in POS, we bought Service Titan to stream line our activities, this is one area that needs addressed as we have to book a fake job just to sell a piece of equipment out the door.


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having same issue. why have the equipment shown to mobile if you can't sell it?

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YES! So has anyone figured out a way to sell an item to someone who walked in??

Absolute Climate Control

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We just started using the ST POS and I was thinking we were doing something wrong, we have too many items to duplicate and when entered into material it doesn't capture the the info in the customer file. We are also trying to figure out how to do discounts for when we do sales on our BBQ's and accessories.

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We also have this issue.  During our onboarding process, we classified some items in our inventory as equipment that we need to sell over the counter thru the POS system.  If the functionality was added to the POS system, it would eliminate our need to duplicate these items as "materials" and make inventory management easier.  

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We are having the same issue. Our installers do not bill, we do in the office. ST does not allow us to add equipment over the counter so we cannot see our costs.