Customer/Location note archive box request.

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Hi, One thing I'd really love to see is an "archive box" for notes on the customer page & location page. 
We use customer notes for everything from payment updates and customer contact, to large projects that require tasks from multiple departments. Needless to say between collections, contacts, follow-ups, client concerns and project information the notes section can get excessively long and is a bit of a pain to scroll though.  Some of our more active clients have several screens worth of notes from CSRs, Accountants, Dispatchers and Coordinators. 

It would be wonderful to have an archive option on notes or a collapsible section or bucket , where the notes could be kept, but out of immediate sight that we could then click on if we needed to scroll back through in case of a 'months later" complaint or client dispute.  It would also help ensure that only the most relevant notes were easy to see while less important notes could be put into the archive. 

Thank you for the consideration. 
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I have added this Idea to Ideas - Please give it an upvote! 
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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

This is a great idea! You should post it in the Ideas tab on the top right of this screen and come back here and post the ID number so we can upvote it! 

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