Equipment with multiple warranties

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How do you track the warranty periods for equipment with multiple warranties?  The equipment file only allows for 1 warranty period.  If we install a rooftop package unit it comes with a 1 year parts warranty, 5 year compressor warranty and 10 year heat exchanger warranty.  It's been suggested to put custom fields in the equipment file but that just creates more work instead of less work as someone has to fill out the information.

Any suggestions would be appreciated


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Hello @AHA_Jeremyd,

You can utilize both "Manufacturer Warranty" and "Service Provider Warranty" fields. The next best option would be custom fields as you are currently using. You can post the idea in our Ideas section at and other users will be able to vote for it to be implemented in future releases.

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Good Morning @Roman,

We already use the service provider section for our warranty.  I don't care for the custom field option because it creates more work for us instead of less.  My CSM, Frank Buckman, suggested I add it to ideas which I will be doing after I work out in my head how to word it so it makes sense.