Operational Challenges: Leads Generated per Day (too low) Part 2

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 In the beginning of the week, we looked at marketing challenges you may be having if you were not meeting the leads generated KPI. Today let's look at operational challenges you may be having. I hear people say I need more leads, I must do more marketing, but data has shown that if you capitalize on the leads you are generating you could see a very steady and healthy growth in your business. So, let's look at some management actions if you are having operational challenges.

Management Actions (potential solutions):

 Evaluate and address any operational challenges you may have.

  • Reassess how your phone is being answered.
  • Your telephone should be answered live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  If you’re unable to staff continually, hire an answering service to assist you.  Every telephone call is precious and a revenue-generating opportunity.
  • Reassess the hours and days you’re answering your phone.  For example, instead of having an answering service pick up calls on Saturdays, each call taker can take a turn being on call.  You can take on that challenge as well.  You want your best people answering phones during times you receive the most calls.
  • Monitor your calls.  Many companies offer services that will record every conversation your CCR's (Call Takers)—or anyone in your office—have with a potential client.  It will help you determine the skill level of your CCR's (Call Takers).
  • Mystery-shop your office.  Have a friend or family member periodically call your company.  Take notice if your CCR's (Call Takers) are correctly following through on their scripts and doing their best to persuade the person to schedule an appointment.
  • Constantly track the number of calls each CCR (Call Taker) receives and books.  Each CCR (Call Taker) should be booking at a high percentage.  Regularly listen to phone conversations of your CCR's (Call Takers) that are not achieving performance expectations.  Train with those individuals even more.
  • Increase the number of technician generated leads.
  • Determine how many leads your technicians have generated versus how many you’ve expected them to generate.  Hold them absolutely accountable.
  • Examine how your technicians are being dispatched.  Your technician with the best communication skills should be sent to calls that involve older systems. After each call, if a replacement lead isn’t set, your technician should debrief with a manager to explain what transpired.
  • Evaluate if your CCR's (Call Takers) and Technicians  are capturing the age of every system.  This is an imperative piece of information that must be known so your dispatcher can send the best technician to that job.  Without that information, you could burn a potential lead.
  • Develop a lead incentive program.  Offer a bonus for every lead generated by your scheduled service and/or service technicians. 
  • Review the repair vs. replace criteria with your technicians.  Ensure that they know how to use the graph and explain it to homeowners.
  • Review cost calculator with your technicians that shows should I invest to repair or should I just replace.  Ensure that they know how to use it and explain the information it generates to homeowners.
  • Conduct regular ride-alongs with your technicians.  See for yourself how they communicate with homeowners and if they are taking the necessary steps to set replacement leads.
  • Increase your number of leads generated from club members.
  • Make sure that you are regularly visiting your club members—at least once a year, if not twice.  On those appointments, make sure that your technicians are explaining the benefits of replacing older equipment with a more energy-efficient system.  Consider using this as a training topic for future meetings.
  • Regularly review your club member records to find individuals with old systems.  Call and offer them the opportunity to explore the advantages of a new system. 
  • Constantly review invoices turned in by your technicians.
  • Regularly review your invoices and pull those that involve high-dollar repairs.  You want to look for old pieces of equipment.
  • Call the individuals with the older equipment and offer them the opportunity to explore the advantages of a new system.  You can consider applying the repair amount toward the investment in a new system.
  • Reconnect with that technician and explain the importance of setting a lead versus making an expensive repair on an aged piece of equipment.
  • Create an expectation that selling technicians and/or comfort advisers must generate a certain number of leads each month.
  • Hold your sales team accountable to those goal.

Accountability and setting performance standards will lead to higher lead generation and if managed correctly higher average tickets. By making sure we capitalize on the leads you have will drive your bottom line and keep your business growing and healthy.


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