Outbound Lead Tracking

Is there a way to get all outbound leads into Service Titan? Leads come in many different forms and customers want to be contacted in different ways. When we make outbound contacts through phone, text, email is there a way to make this contact a lead...

Topahill by New Contributor
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4/18 New Customer Page Layout

We are having a very difficult time with the new location and customer page layouts. While I see the benefit for the billing side of things, it is not beneficial when making calls and seeing customer contact information, especially if they have multi...

sophias by New Contributor II
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New Search Screen

Is it just me or is this new mandatory search screen horrible? The old version was streamlined and concise and so easy to use. It actually would fit all filter boxes on one screen. This new one is so spread-out that I have to scroll to get to the fil...

ginahitc by New Contributor II
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Bulk Edit Sales Tax

This isn't my idea but could be very handy.Go for vote it if you think its worth while!

spetrie by Contributor II
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Support Chat Format

Does anyone else wish that the format for your messages in Support Chat were in paragraph instead of line format so you could proofread easier? If so, please vote! Support Chat Format | ServiceTitan Community Ideas

Miranda by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Ember Office Hours

We are doing an Ember session with Joel right now and it is Amazing! Since I started these sessions our Titan score is up 31 points. These sessions have been the most helpful of every training I have been a part of. I think there should be a standing...

JordanKS by New Contributor
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Hiring Event

We are working on our hiring process and want to know what other people are doing. Our initial interview is done by Zoom. Does anyone else do this? What is your process? What questions do you ask?

Miranda by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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