Preparing for the New Year? Let us help!

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

🎆The end of the year is upon us! As you all are preparing for 2023, this is a great time to take advantage of the free resources available for you and your team that could help you all achieve your goals in 2023. 🎆

EmberSessions - This is a free six-week program that allows you to discuss the features in the Launch Stage of TitanAdvisor with other non-competitor companies. A fantastic way to maximize your use of the core features of ServiceTitan and increase your TitanScore! 

SparkSessions - This is a free 11 month program that is a space for companies to collaborate on best practices, tips, and tricks. Each month there is a topic and we can talk about software and industry best practices around each of those topics with other non-competitor companies. 

As a reminder, you can also take advantage of our free Webinars and Trainings. On the home page of Community, take a moment to check out the Events Calendar and register for some of the upcoming webinars and free training options on estimate building, configurable payroll, adjustable capacity planning, etc. 

All of these options are offered at the low, low cost of free and available to you! If you have any questions around EmberSessions and SparkSessions, feel free to tag or message @ssadeghi, @tsjobeck, @mmontgom, or @JPachefs. For more information on webinar and training options, please feel free to tag @Previous Contributor or @atignerm 

Please note: these options are only available to existing ServiceTitan customers.