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When I read the general use for Task Management it seems to be focused on customer complaints, refunds, and warranty parts. What I would like to use it for is accountability for duties for staff and techs. I would like to set a recurring task for tech debrief, for reviewing invoices before batching, for part orders, for AR and AP, AND for duties that are tech specific but not job specific, like vehicle maintenance, uniform updates, and such. There are a whole host of things this feature could be useful for.


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We created and utilize a Tech Debrief form. Current logic settings set to be used When "Closeout" Button is Tapped, it will prompt the form that must be completed by the technician in order to close the job and the form is emailed. I am curious about the Conditional logic- "In future releases, we will expand the list of actions supported to include actions such as adding a tag to a job, or adding a task for an office user using task management." Is this available now? and if it is, how do you set this logic rule?

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I think this is a great idea and to be able to assign tasks too Techs would be very helpful

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You can add new task management task types in settings.TM tasks do not need to be directly linked to a job altough if you are using it for things like AR, tech debrief (I assume this is the debrief conversation that happens or is supposed to happen after each job), and parts orders, linking the task to a specific job wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. I see what you mean about recurring tasks though and think that TM is a great idea but needs some more love and attention from ServiceTitan before it is fully ready to use.

Also, go post this in ideas and then comment below with the idea number so people can go vote on it!

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

One thing we learned about task manager tool is that some folks love and and others hate it and could potentially replace a system not broken.  So we started with areas that relied on emails or other external means first and tbh we haven't really revisited other uses besides the generic ones you listed.  Look into Zapier (a 3rd party software that could potentially automate some of those items you have listed) integration for some of those other items you are looking for, I am definitely a low level novice and this project has been on my back burner for way too long.  

This could be a helpful place to start exploring those options.  

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