The AUDACITY - Get Rid of Required Fields for Contact Information

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Stop forcing your ServiceTitan clients into 1 method of doing things!

We leave the contact fields on the location pages blank on purpose and now you are forcing us to fill in information I do not want filled in!

We call People, Not Houses! We put the contact information on the customer profile and leave the location profile contact information blank unless there is a tenant that lives there we should contact or a property manager associated with that property that we talk to for scheduling but billing goes to the homeowner.

This makes the accounts much cleaner to look at and easier to know who we should call for what.

ADDITIONALLY Our Landscapers often expressly do not want us to contact the homeowners directly so we do not keep any of their contact information on file. What then? Are we now forced to add landscaper contacts to all of their clients? Do we have to make sure we are diligent and remember to remove that landscaper contact from every account when they no longer service the client but want us to bill directly going forward?

This was an absurd and presumptuous change to make and needs to be rolled back immediately you are causing more work for us what the heck!?



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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hi @michelle49 - is this separate from the configuration that you can enable/disable to "RequireEmailAndPhoneDuringCallBooking?"

- Sheena @ NiFT

Sheena @ NiFT

I reviewed that field. I don't have it set to Required yet it is still required so I doubt this is the issue. It must be separate. It is also very new as an issue (within the last week) so it seems to be unrelated to that feature

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I agree!! I already have an idea posted if you want to get some votes going for it. Maybe they will change it back faster?  COMMUNITY-I-5192