CRM Tool for Email's AND Calls

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ST works well as a CRM tool for CALLS, but not Emails.  In the Customer Record, I can click on the phone number and ST will track that Outbound call that everyone can see/review.  I would like for ST to do the same for Emails where I can click on the Email address in the Customer Record, create the Email and have that correspondence tracked in ST in the Email section.  It only makes sense to have ST track BOTH calls and Emails...this way we can see what was communicated to our customers no matter who is looking at the account.

I used to work with Salesforce who had created an API that gave an option for outgoing Emails to either Send or Send and Attach to Salesforce.  This allows the user to choose whether to attach to ST or not attach to ST...this way the workflow is exactly the same and only those correspondences that are important to everyone can be attached. 


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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hi @alemke

Thanks for sharing your feedback. I can see how immensely helpful your suggestion can be. That sounds like something for the ideas page! 💡