Resolved! TitanAdvisor Updates

Does TitanAdvisor update automatically daily or does someone at ServiceTitan actually push a button? I ask because I usually see it update somewhere around 6:00-6:30 pacific time. Today I actually want to see the update because I made a bunch of chan...

JessicaSmith by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Does anyone use Networx as a lead gen? Have you had any luck? Also I was told they integrate with Service Titan but I dont think thats the case. Do you have the integration?

candacec by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Estimates

I feel like I'm going nuts! I know for a fact I put our general exclusions, wording, etc on our estimates. I went in and physically put it in there. I don't recall how and now when I go to pricebook Templates, it says I have none. But I'm looking at ...

tlmj123 by New Contributor II
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Credit Card Fees

As of today, Canadian businesses are legally permitted to charge credit card processing fees for customers using credit cards for purchases. I am looking for a way I can have this ...

Denee by New Contributor
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This just in: New Labels for Commercial and Construction!

Hello Titans!We're excited to announce that new labels have been added to community for our Commercial and Construction users. This will be the first of many improvements we look to make across community to better segment and identify posts, so you g...

by New Contributor
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Setting Time Limits on Abandoned Calls

Has anyone discovered a way inside Titan directly and not through phones pro to determine a time set on abandoned calls? We have it set at a threshold that anything under 15 seconds be determined short abandoned in Phones Pro, but they are all still ...

amanda_r1 by New Contributor
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HTML to Plain Text

Im having an issue with my pricebook items being exported to quickbooks and removing the Service Titan HTML format. If I create the service task and edit the HTML with the correct tags, when an invoice is generated to QB it removes it and creates 1 l...

kgarvey8 by New Contributor II
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Equipment Tab - Fuel Rates

We currently receive 3 types of fuel. I'm currently keeping the unleaded price per gallon in the fuel rates section under equipment. I would like to keep track of the other two types of fuel as well besides using Excel. Aspire has informed me that I ...

Resolved! Titan Advisor Score History issue

Is anyone else having trouble loading the Titan Advisor Score History? It tells me to "change the date range to display history" but changing the date range doesn't do anything!

JessicaSmith by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Payment receipt feature request

I would love to see a feature added where you can send a customer one receipt for payments made on multiple invoices. Based on a conversation I just had with a ST representative the only "work around" is to send a statement, however, that only shows ...

meganmar by New Contributor
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