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We currently receive 3 types of fuel.  I'm currently keeping the unleaded price per gallon in the fuel rates section under equipment.  I would like to keep track of the other two types of fuel as well besides using Excel.  Aspire has informed me that I can only request an enhancement.  Does anyone else keep track of this and if so, how do you handle it?  Thank you!  Susan


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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hi Susan,

If you are wanting to track multiple fuel types as a COGS item, I would suggest creating and treating them as consumable materials in the Pricebook (in HVAC, this might be how you track different refrigerants as well). You will then want to use the PO system to purchase and receive these different fuel types. Then, you will need to consume the fuel. You can do this automatically, by tying it to different tasks/services you provide, by adding it to an invoice in Mobile or Office, or by selecting the "Consume Item on Transfer to Truck" option when setting up your fuels as materials.

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Typically, I've seen fuel costs monitored on the accounting side as a fleet cost and not tracked so granularly. Rather, it's allocated as a cost per department as a percentage of sales for example if you are creating departmentalized income statements or as a flat cost of doing business. Of course, I am making a few assumptions about your business and goals with this response.


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