Call Experience That Performs! Back 2 Basics Webinar on March 21st

In these times of lower call volume, we have noticed that the most successful contractors are focusing on the basics. So we are doing a series of webinars that help contractors go β€œBack 2 Basics.”Next week, Brittany Brewer and I will be doing a FREE ...

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Deactivate Button

I recently noticed a Deactivate button on the Edit Location, and Edit Customer pages, and wondered what it was used for. I scoured through Academy and Knowledge Base, but could not find anything giving a full description of what function this serves....

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Chat messages from Vendors without a full phone number

We receive chat messages every day from vendors like FedEx, UPS, Discover Card that register as "Unknown" on the screen because they only have a 6 digit number which ST doesn't recognize. I have tried to add them as New Customers so we know who the t...

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Resolved! Merging locations

Hi Guys! Does anyone have any tips on how to easier merge locations? Thank you!

LD22 by New Contributor III
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CSR Call Metrics Help

We are hoping to get some help creating call metrics for our CSR's. We're a Plumbing & HVAC company of 40-50 employees and we're hoping to gather some insight from similarly sized companies on industry standards as far as how many calls per day they ...

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Issue with exporting payments/inv to QBO with multiple BU

Has anyone recently had issues with exporting multiple BU to QBO within the same batch?For the longest time, this had been working perfectly for me. Recently I started getting errors such as "unable to export business unit." The error is not even sho...