Hard Customers

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How do you best handle upset customers who are very upset because the clients don't deal with them appropriately? For example, keep canceling appointments, never call back, and fix things only to have them break again in a couple of days.


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That is always a challenge in the service industry. The best way is listening to the customer with high patience and empathy, do not take it personally, set clear expectations with follow through that matches, and put yourself in the customer's shoes. Things breaking is always frustrating for both of our sides, but in many service issues we are trouble shooting based trying to fix when we can before the high expense of replacing. As consumers we all have those frustrating experiences from our auto repairs to going to the doctor. In my experience using analogies that the customer can relate too can sometimes help them understand the steps in trouble shooting. 

Then obviously when the call is done, venting to an awesome coworker or friend, or walking outside for a good scream might help. 😀  We have all been there on both sides of the experience.

I wish you best of luck, because we all know how challenging it can be.