I cant be the only one who thinks the new search is awful. why hasnt it seen any improvements?

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This seems like terrible design to me and i dont really see any options on the page to save settings. so when i first goto search i can sometimes only see 4 jobs on the screen while over half my screen is just empty space because the frame isnt big enough.

I use a vertical display for long form content like searching and reading pdfs. So yea on a horizontal display the frame is auto resizing to fit the frame so its a LITTLE better... showing 7 jobs out of 20 instead of 4 out of 20.

With the old search i could see all 20 out of 20 per page. I have to manually resize all fields every time i goto the search page.  even with everything set to have the rows as thin as possible i can still only see 13 out of 20 due to the frame not resizing for height as well as width. 

I switch monitors depending on the task I am using search for so most the time its on the landscape display so it doesnt look as gross as the portrait examples i will show here but even in landscape i have 1/4 of the bottom of my screen is blank space. I get the feeling a lot of this stuff is designed for 1920x1080 at best so me running 3 monitors at 2560x1440 is probably outside the normal use case but still? more options better than none?

Perhaps I am missing some options somewhere or this part of ST is just an after thought. Half my work is done through the search page so its just always in my face




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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

There is a new search in the works. Not sure when it will be released, but they are working on it and it is much better!

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

I am not aware of any settings for the search screen, I use it very often myself. I do not know what workflow you are using the search screen for, but have you tried custom reports and scheduling them. It may be a way to get the data you need in a more customizable format and you even have the option to export the report to excel. Anything you are doing in the search screen can be made into a customer report the runs at any interval that you select and all the rows and columns are customizable.  

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