Starting a follow up data automatically via forms.

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I have a general question involving forms related to our clients. In our city we have these tools that are mandating to be built on all buildings in our city. A rule involving those says that they are mandating to be inspected every single year on the dot, or face harsh fines, or even get their water turned off. This is usually a pretty simple process, but I wanted to know if we could have a feature added that involved the follow up feature, that technicians could use involving the forms tool. Lets say on the form there is a "inspected on:" button, and then they could put todays date on their ipad. Then, when the inspection is completed, a copy is sent to our admin team, the customer, and the technician that inspected it. Also when it is complete, I would like a follow up task to be created exactly one year from the date the inspection was created. If this feature is possible let me know, if not, I would like for it to be added because it would reduce our workload by a lot. As well as in general be a great help to our business in the future!


ServiceTitan Certified Provider
ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hi @tbillman some of the process you mentioned can be put into automation using ServiceTitan's forms, triggers, and alerts. You can add any forms to a specific job or technician and once that form is completed, a copy will get sent to any recipients you add to the list. You can use a third party automation tool like zapier, to create that follow up task via task mgmt. 

I like this idea to have built into the follow ups tab in ST, so why don't you post it on the ideas page and share here so we can upvote!

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