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Hi Everyone,

We are looking for an effective & efficient way to have a location-specific note placed on a location record that will automatically populate in the job summary.  Case use - we have a large HOA community we do a lot of work in that has very specific rules for "checking in" before starting work.  Currently, the best option I can find is to have a pinned note on the location record, but the limitation there is it is not in the job summary and pinned notes become lost in all the noise of all of the other pinned notes.  Does anyone have a better suggestion or if this is on the ServiceTitan roadmap?  I thought about potentially a tag, but that doesn't give enough detail and again, gets lost in the noise of the other tags on the record.  Any help is appreciated.  Thank you!



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I would encourage you to make a specific Job for that “special check-in”. It can be as simple as duplicating your “standard job”, calling it “HOA standard job”, and then include in the job summary the aforementioned “special check in” instructions. That way when that job is booked it is already automatically included from the get go. Additionally you can use tags to direct people to look to the summary for special instructions, and you can have tags automatically applied based on the custom “HOA standard job” that was booked. Let me know if you need more clarification on any of that. 

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

We have run into this type of issue as well with custom fields.  It would be nice to have options to have things autopopulate.  The ability is there for the preferred tech to autopopulate.  There is a new idea in the community here. It needs a ton more votes before it will come onto the radar.


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