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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Hey All,


We are trying to revamp our truck templates and I am wondering what you all stock on your trucks to make sure that your techs have what they need for jobs? 


We have four different business units, HVAC Install, HVAC Service, Plumbing Install, and Plumbing Service. 

Anyone who is comfortable sharing what they stock would be much appreciated.




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I sent you a private message.

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

We struggled with this to and ended up landing on a generic template that we let individuals custom build.  Largely because we are also multi trade and many of our techs are multi trades.  One thing that as helped us were the inventory cohorts, highly recommended if you haven't been introduced.  I'd be hesitant to share because I would fear the codes/descriptions wont match easily and it is still a WIP for us.  My goal is to add a bunch of stuff that encompasses multi trades and turn the min/max to 0.  Create inventory counts of the items I want counted on each truck.  Those counts would act as templates as the unused items will remain unchanged, hopefully, haha.  Hope this helps.