Bad update by Service Titan

Service Titan recently did an update which changed tasks. BEFORE the update, tasks that were open were colored green & tasks that were closed were colored red. AFTER the update, open tasks are now red and closed tasks are now green. It makes no sense...

Jenna by New Contributor
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Hello, Do any one have a templates I can use, I would like to create forms for my technicians to use. Thank in advance.

cheg_fre by New Contributor
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Resolved! 5 star reviews for technicians

Is there a report out there that allows me to see a week or a months worth of reviews that technicians are getting?

LNorse by New Contributor II
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Plumbing Best Practices

Hi! I work for an HVAC company, and we are in the beginning phases of adding a Plumbing Division. Would anyone be willing to share general plumbing best practices with ServiceTitan? Any and all information would be extremely helpful! We are looking f...

rmarchman by New Contributor III
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I just have a quick question – when I am exporting invoices into QuickBooks is there a way for the job information to get put into my QuickBooks notes? If not can I suggest that this happens sooner than late? In our shop not everyone is using Service...

Thrasher by New Contributor
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Tools Required Checklist (Plumbing)

Hello! I recently misplaced our sheet that has a list of tools "required" or recommended that our new hire techs have in order to be able to get to work in the field. Please share yours! If you prefer, you can email me at maria@scottharrisonplumbing....

mariahar by Contributor II
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