Unable to detach chat logs from jobs

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Anyone else have an issue / concern with chat logs for a Customer attaching to every scheduled job for multiple service locations?  Makes the job history very confusing, specifically if the chat is referencing a topic, service, etc. that has nothing to do with the job type, job summary, scope of service, etc. Service Titan currently doesn't have an option to detach chat logs from jobs.  Hopefully a future update fix.


Update 05/05/2022:  Current logic per support  "the logic in ST is that a chat will appear on the job audit trail of any job/appointment created 3 days before or finished 3 days after the chat is sent."


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If you submit an "idea" for this, please share the link. I would vote for it!

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I hate how it connects the chat to whatever specific job, I wish I could detatch it. I have chats that are linked to a job that is 6 months old. The customer prefers text message and it gets confusing.